We Just Got 1st Fresh Look !!! 3 Reasons you with kids should too.

As we plan for our new year catalogs,we are filled with fresh ideas .

we started with changing the look of home for LittlePocketStore


But why change everything whats in the looks ?

for us the answer is-

Presenting our work well means respecting our work,if its expressed beautifully its respected.

thats about work..what about you & kids..here we go why


When you don’t change anything in your life, it becomes monotonous and very boring. Getting a new look is a opportunity to try out something different and new. You will feel amazing to see something absolutely different and new, plus, you could find a newfound appreciation in your life.and giving liberty to your child to experiment with their looks will infuse a sense of responsibility yet they will enjoy it like an activity.

2.Show what you feel inside

Well, the good thing is that we can show what we feel inside. As we grow and change, sometimes what we do on the exterior reflects what we feel inside. Renovating the image allow us to match what we want to communicate to the world.

and the same will bring out the creativity in kids ,we all know they are super heroes inside,and if they are able express that, they will be more confident express themselves anywhere.

3.To start something new

If you are starting something new in life like a new job, entering college, relocating or getting married it is a great reason to get a new look. A new look for a new step in life would go very well together. It would be like the new you in a new place.same with kids they will be starting their school after summer breaks,with the new look they will be looking forward to go back to school...fuss free!!!

We louve the kids and louve to hear from our customers-

so poke us quick..with yoursuggestions,complaints,like,dislikes,concerns,questions,reviews, anything..we are waiting to hear from you !!!

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