A Sweet Dream with 2 Pyjamas and 1 Princess!! zzzz...

I am a BIG fan of pyjamas. I will happily pop them on at about 6pm and relax for the evening. After Trisha shared her favourite nightwear over on ''LittlePcketStore'' it is apparent That I’m not the only one. There was a lot of PJ love going on.

I also appear to have passed this love on to the kids. They love getting ready for bed and are fascinated by which pyjamas they will be sporting that night. For that reason I always try to make fun choices where I can. Often this means that they are their favourite colors but I’d rather they were sporting them to bed than being decked out in them all day long. Mean mummy I know!

Given the long evening’s at the moment I thought I would share my favourite nightwear for children so that they can feel lovely and cosy all night long. I can’t promise it will make them sleep better but we can try.

1.The comfy round neck-

This style is indeed one comfortable number as it doesnt have collar ,its perfect for kids who cant bear a touch around their neck,pure woven cotton(no hoseiry) makes it a breathable ,light garment at night.very unisex.soo dont hesitate.

2.The collar style-

I know they love the quirky print and pockets this makes it a perfect pair for the night night !!

this style is unisex so doubt is out.

3.The Spegetti frill & capri

This one is definitely for the princess with her own choices,she want something different and special,and why not ,shes worth it!!

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